Pakistan will Present Asia’s First Smartphone Film Festival in Sep 2015


This is the first time in the Asian film industry when Pakistan will be the only country representing the Smartphone Film Festival in September this year. On this platform, audience can see the founder of iPhone Film Festival Mr. Ruben Kazantsev and Hollywood’s filmmaker as both will inaugurate the festival personally. It was declared in a pre-launch ceremony at the Pak American Cultural Center (PACC) in Karachi.

It is organized by iSmart Films with the collaboration of the world’s most popular iPhone Film Festival, Wajood Media, Blems Production and MadJoint Studios, people are looking forward for this Smartphone Film Festival that will feature movies and documentaries as well, produced by local filmmakers utilizing their Smartphone devices.

The basic purpose of the prelaunch ceremony cum press conference was to upgrade the Asia’s first and the world’s 9th Smartphone Film Festival being organized this year in Pakistan. The press conference started with the detailed media comprising details for the prime objectives of the festival including a question & answer session. After this a significant film reviewing session was also arranged presenting the movie making projects produced by the local young film young creators and media students using their mobile devices.

Speaking on the historic occasion, Mr. Kamran Ata, Cofounder iSmart Films, said that the modern telecommunication devices and newly-introduced smart phones and had enabled common men and women to capture thrilling stories and share those videos via social media in a second.

Thanks to these small, pocket-sized mobile phones, Pakistani youth has got a wonderful medium to showcase their hidden talent as potential filmmakers and make a bigger impact in the film making world globally. Considering the growing number of Smartphone users in the country, this mega Smartphone Film Festival renders an equal opportunity to both men and women, especially empowering our local women to rule the roost with the power of Smartphone technology and the vigilant eye for capturing the imagination, added by Mr. Ata, Cofounder iSmart Films.

Mr. Abid Beli, Cofounder iSmart Films, also spoke on the occasion. In his address, he invited local Smartphone users to make the most of this tremendous opportunity by submitting their films and the rest of the video creations in the upcoming mega festival.

Being made with the collaboration of iSmart Films, the audiences were also introduced the filming projects submitted by Ms. Asma Alwaz of Khairpur Sindh and Mr. Faizan Sheikh, a student of Iqra University Karachi, including many other students of media studies. These video concepts received an outstanding applause from the viewers.

The worldly popular iPhone Film Festival gives a platform for young filmmakers giving them support and energizing them to support them create visually attractive masterpieces that have the competency to change the world. Now with millions of film submission in more than 50 countries all over the world the

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