Going about, doing what you want to do on the web and then are notified. A message on Facebook but the question is who is the person Do I Know him, Is there need to respond him? This is a situation where most of us are quite often since the beginning of social networks. Now the Facebook messenger is getting an advance step by showing some details the strange messengers who just plan to start a conversation. So no need to waste time by visiting strangers profile anymore.

As per the recent update, Facebook has started rolling out an update for its messenger application that will display this biographical info directly into conversation. The information will be highlighted while chatting with someone for the first time. This also appears for relatives, friends to whom you are not in touch for a long time. The contextual information can be seen for strangers as well as friends with whom you are not contacted.

The latest feature comes after Facebook’s release of the Hello dialler and caller ID application. This feature perform in similar fashion providing users an introduction to the person you are about to have a discussion. However, the feature is confined by the privacy manages the senders account. The details manifested are from the publically available account details so there is no special privacy bypass here. Facebook Hello and latest attributes presents social network’s enhancing interest to connect with people in your life other than just friend. This could support to identify worthy friends but its major benefit comes for professionals. Contextual details for the sender can support professional discussion for people not comprised as friends.

Only publically shared account details will be accessed so stringent privacy controls could bound how much you see. In the old days Facebook hid messages from strangers in other box but most probably it will change now at least for the messenger platform. The messenger application will have some add on features, like money, transferring to friends and some rumors indicates that games can be played using the app. This upcoming feature will be introduced in UK, India, France and USA with a worldwide release expected soon after that.

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