Notre Dame signs Rome’s call for AI ethics and hosts World University Summit

Notre Dame signs Rome's call for AI ethics and hosts World University Summit
Rome calls for the ethics of artificial intelligence

The University of Notre Dame will officially sign Rome’s call for the ethics of artificial intelligence On Thursday (October 27), jointly with the University of Navarra in Spain, the Catholic University in Croatia, SWPS University in Poland, Schiller International University in Spain, Chu University in Japan, the University of Johannesburg and the University of Florida.

The signature will coincide with a world university summit At the Rome Appeal, held on October 26-27 Participate in organizing Pontifical Academy of Life, IBM And Notre Dame. hosted by Notre Dame Technology Ethics Lab – IBM The summit was held in person and virtual Explore ways in which universities can use the complementary roles of research, education, and policy in developing human-centered approaches to artificial intelligence (AI).

He said, “It is a great honor for the University of Notre Dame to host this global summit and to support efforts to promote an ethical approach to artificial intelligence.” John T McGreevy Charles at the university and Jill Fischer Provost. “Nore Dame has long recognized the importance of integrating responsibility and accountability into our teaching and research. As global technological capabilities increase in areas such as artificial intelligence, we will continue to identify new ways in which we can advance knowledge at the service of humanity.”

Mgr. Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy of Life, said, “Education is the main process that enables people, especially the weak (young and old), not to succumb to the innovative process but to be active participants in it…This initiative is the moment to translate these examples of theoretical value into Academic practices that can produce appropriate orientation and social transformation.”

“At IBM, we believe that the creation and deployment of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence will transform the way we live and work and that this future must be developed responsibly and ethically,” said Dario Gill, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at IBM. On Rome’s call for AI ethics, IBM is proud to continue its collaboration with the Pontifical Academy of Life and other like-minded institutions across industry, academia, government, and society to ensure that we collectively build a future that is supportive and inclusive for everyone.”

Besides the official signing ceremony for the new partners, the two-day gathering will include keynote speakersRound tables and networking events To identify collaborative strategies that universities can pursue around Rome’s call for AI ethics.

The event will be organized by Francesca Rossi, IBM Fellow and Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence Ethics, along with Reverend Robert A. – IBM Technology Ethics Lab: Archbishop Paglia and Jill of IBM will provide remarks at the signing ceremony.

The Rome Call for AI Ethics – created in 2020 and originally signed by the Pontifical Academy for Life, IBM, Microsoft, FAO and the Italian Ministry of Innovation – is a commitment to promoting an ethical approach to the design, development and dissemination of AI. It seeks to promote a sense of shared responsibility among international organizations, governments, foundations, and the private sector to create a future in which digital innovation and technological progress focus on humanity.

The full summit agenda is available over here. A full list of participating organizations is available over here.

After the summit, the network of participating universities will collaborate regularly to share updates, discuss innovative ideas, and democratize ethical solutions for AI.

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