GadgetsMobilink Gets cheeky with competitions for their Narrow Spectrum

Mobilink Gets cheeky with competitions for their Narrow Spectrum

its been a while since telecom operators taunted the competition through their TVs or print ads.

However, today’s 3G competitive edge Mobilink and television ads touting decided to break the silence. 10 MHz of the 3G spectrum compared with Mobilink spectrum by reducing their size makes fun of Telenor and Ufone.

For those who do not know, Mobilink and Ufone, Telenor doubled the size spectrum obtained. Zong, on the other hand, the spectrum as well as 3G networks is 10MHz.

Mobilink broadcast by major television and wrote on his Facebook page, place the TV on a smartphone is paid a cartoon video will not stop until the mourning which shows a small child. The child’s father’s shame, then begins to mourn as though, video, half begins to soften.

As you can guess, Moby bandwidth of 10 MHz high comes to save the day.

On the other telcos 3G networks superiority “aims to establish many expect that advertising is a new battle for the 3G.


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