Khan shows dissatisfaction on IT task force’s slow progress

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In Islamabad, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan shows dissatisfaction with the performance of the Information Technology (IT) task force. The reason is simply that for the last two years there is no prominent progress come into view. Imran Khan was vexed on the progress of preparation in the terms of reference (TORs). Prime Minister said that except for one TOR of the assigned, nothing other effective progress has been coming in view.

Furthermore, Imran Khan (I.K) said that technology is one of the important factors in the way of rapid and truly progress. It is vital for Pakistan’s progress but the progress of IT in Pakistan is far behind as compared to other countries. Besides, Fawad Ch., minister of Science and Technology, also asked about the stability of the internet network laid in Islamabad. At the same time, the education minister said that there is a need to develop the IT facilities if we want to promote online education and for stable internet connections and the chairman also asked to call for a weekly meeting as well. So that in the meeting they can work on assigned task more effectively.

on October 5, 2018, during the presentation, the Telecommunication Division and Information Technology reported the cabinet positive feedback. They reported that the federal cabinet approved the IT task force 


The minister for IT and telecom was appointed as the chair of the task force. The task force’s scope was to advise and develop strategic plans and give advice on policy changes with TORs. So that it will strengthen the technology ecosystem in our country. The suggestion includes programmers, concrete measures, and incentives to enhance IT services exports for the next five years and to support the accurate reporting of IT export remittances. 


They recommend policy and other legal interventions that these are the elements required if we want a digital transformation. The current fragment approach in the public sector and in the e-Govt. digital initiatives. Furthermore, if we talk about then its mandate, then it’s related to organizations providing digital services. Such as PSEB, NITB, and PRAL. Moreover, the freelance ring\ work, and job are also importantly related to the development of the IT sector development.


The main work of the task force is to suggest and review about the improvements to facilitate and enable IT procurement by the public sector modernly. Specifically, the recommendations for entrepreneurship and development are also included in the policy and regulatory regime for ensuring government patronage. While ensuring updates on every TORs, the cabinet it to the chairman of the task force to revisit the presentation.

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