AutoHybrid vehicles manufacturing in Pakistan demands a distinct strategy

Hybrid vehicles manufacturing in Pakistan demands a distinct strategy

The director of the Indus Motor Company Limited (IMC), Ali Asghar Jamali, has wanted a distinct strategy for the endorsement for Hybrid vehicles manufacturing in Pakistan from the management to assist sellers and lessen their need for imported components

Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy: The claim was offered to the Minister for Industries, Hammad Azhar, on Friday for a self-sufficient hybrid vehicle plan alike to the Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy that was accepted by the administration in December 2020.

Ministry of Industries

Nevertheless, it is claimed that in its current conference that the Ministry of Industries has determined to take in hybrid vehicles in its latest Auto Policy which will be completed in the forthcoming months.

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The present five-year procedure will finish in June. Higher rank personnel stated further that now, the world is advancing toward hybrid vehicles as well as electric vehicles that demand to manufacture, charging points, and person to repair such as mechanics.

Jamali says that to approve hybrid strategy requires minimum two years time span


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