Government increased the Sales Tax on Mobile Phones

In the recently declared budget for the fiscal year 2015/16, the government of Pakistan has increased the sales tax on mobile phones.

Relying on the specifications in the mobile phones, the tax has jumped to Rs. 300, 500 and 1000 from Rs. 150, 250 and 500 respectively. This is additional tax for SIM activation tax that telcos already pay out of their pocket.

However, the number might be small; the worst affectees of such tax ramble are moving to be low-income individuals and the low-end market sector. Smartphone development is amazing but the real worth stays in connection of unconnected and anything that grasps them further away from technology must bear difficult questions.

According to the recent breaking news, Punjab is introducing a 19.5% tax on internet consumption and this development supports as another blow to a sector already reeling from shock. With the price of internet moving up and cost of phones, increasing as well one needs to inquire what is the idea behind it all.

The number of internet is very impressive with 3G/4G numbers increasing to 13 million recently. With persistent discouraging policies, the government is giving a real threat to all that has been succeeded and could be accomplished.

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