TechnologyFIA Cyber Crime SMS alert service to start

FIA Cyber Crime SMS alert service to start

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), an SMS alert service specialized in introducing elements of cyber crime telecommunications has decided to launch. According to reports, will be a great service for the people of the country.

Victims of cyber crime or be attacked, which were relevant page Cyber Crime Alert service can send data to any group.

“6000” to send the details of any site or organization is considered to be involved in malicious activity in cyberspace is where the greatest number. FIA already emailed a complaint cell is identified as e-mail.

According to the FIA, cyber criminals using social networks and e-mails to commit crimes. He hacked accounts or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks to create a false identity annoy people. Agency thoughtful people to make the judicial academies, colleges and universities are putting in efforts to enter.


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