Father of APS victim develops Mohafiz app

Discussing 16th December will continually bring tears in our eyes on the grounds that it tells the harshest episode, Pakistan could have ever seen. While the whole Pakistan cried their hearts out, we can’t even start to envision what the parents’ of deceased experienced. Fahd Mahmood Khan, luckily, had his child’s life saved yet couldn’t get the deplorable perspectives insane. His way of dealing with stress was to manufacture an application called Mohafiz.

Mohafiz app is a life-sparing application designed for crises. Fahd Khan, being a Pakistani understands the everyday risk we had to confront hence Mohafiz was designed remembering medical emergencies, armed robberies, house fires and worst case scenario, terrorist attacks.

The utilization of Mohafiz is basic as well. Upon check via code, you will select In-Case of Emergency (ICE) contact numbers. Besides you will include your name, gender, blood group, email address and additionally existing medicinal condition, on the off chance that you have any.

Mohafiz sends distress messages, in case of emergency to save your life.

God prohibit, if you struck in any problem, all you are required to do is launch the application which will make two catches show up. The red one will be for a prompt emergency and by pressing it will SMS your location and message of distress to your ICE numbers. On the off chance that your GPRS is available, the same data will be transmitted to your Facebook and Twitter.

The orange button is for progressing tragedies. While remaining technique will stay same, you will have the capacity to arrange the way of emergency.

Mohafiz is additionally designed to furnish you with security related news in your current location. This permits you to stay side by side of any happening circumstances so you can arrange your courses successfully.

These sorts of applications won’t not forestall significant disasters, for example, that of 16th December, 2014 in light of the fact that national level security is required for that. On the other hand we genuinely trust that Mohafiz assumes

its part to keep the circumstances it was designed to control. Pakistan Tech News salutes Fahd Khan and other parents victimized by APS assault.



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