Serverless Technologies is one of the leading names in Pakistan history. It is a platform that purpose to justify nation supporting them with latest technology features. The solutions is introduced by Mr. Wasif Ayub, claiming success not just in Pakistan but also world’s other parts.

A person from a remote area raised his palm towards success. He gave reality to his vision depending on small team and few resources. Mr. Wasif is launching different apps blending creative ideas to extend their comfort level with soothing services.

From where you get early education?

I completed my high school education from Govt City High School Bahawalnagar and then did FSC Govt College Bahawalnagar. Later in 2007 I was honored with Scholarship from National University (FAST) and paved his path of success.

What was your first project?

I started my first project during graduation named as TheSuffah, the purpose of this web portal was to give scholarship awareness to the remote areas people who wish to get better education but their limited resources don’t permit them to do so. But unfortunately it was rejected by Punjab Govt and after working 3 months it got closed.

Serverless Technologies signed a contract with Matyana Group of Industries
Serverless Technologies signed a contract with Matyana Group of Industries


Did the failure affect your mission?

Not at all, in fact I learned a lot and meanwhile started another project, it was classified site for different Ads.

In the same time completed my graduation and started job in Northbay Solutions and later TABS Group International, it was an American platform who were developing  a project named Americas ID and I also participated for the same.

Could you tell us about your project Serverless Technology?

Well its story of my failure that brought me to this project. During my job I worked on it and also started the documentation and final set up in 2015 with proper team.

My team build its roots in 46 stations including Bahawalnagar. We also participated for plan 9 and listed among the finalized 17 companies.

Optimaken and Serverless Technologies signed an MOU
Optimaken and Serverless Technologies signed an MOU

Does your software useful for the backward areas?

Yes it is, we are working for many regions and remote areas a supporting person with knowledge and still process is on its way spreading to KPK, Punjab regions and AJK.

What is the Purpose of Smartcity?

The purpose of Smartcity is to assemble and centralize the data of the governance workflow, education, health sectors and small scale industries. Apart it includes the transport data.

Under this software we will support consumer rights, all systems will be regulated and corruption will be reduced in other way.




The Scope of Auto Governess?

It is very much concerned with governance specially judiciary, lawyers can register their evidences while registering cases. This is complete portal that has options to edit the info, person and reopen the file.

We have also introduced a portal for business owners so they can analyze their stock can compare the preceding years and following that implement in market.

We are also working for the health sector as we have created a portal that includes the patients’ complete details its previous history so the doctor can diagnose it easily.

The next we are planning to implement it in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Ghanna and Vietnam.


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