Press ReleaseCareem Partners with Total Parco to give Its Captains with Quick Mobility...

Careem Partners with Total Parco to give Its Captains with Quick Mobility Solutions

Careem the Super Application for the greater Middle East and Pakistan and Total PARCO Pakistan Limited approved a settlement to give its Captains with Total PARCO Pakistan Limited Mobility solutions at an exceptional reduction.

With help of this collaboration, Careem tycoons obtain a flat discount on the purchase of Total PARCO Pakistan Limited fuels, oils and other services such as oil change, car wash in fixed service stations countrywide. The solution will be consolidated into Careem’s application where its tycoons can easily approach the offers.

Super Application of Careem is also guiding adaptability solutions suppliers in the region with a great network of tycoons in the ride-hailing and delivery services. Therefore, Total PARCO Pakistan Limited has one of the biggest footmarks as an oil trading company roaming the nation. This tactical cooperation gives a constructive solution to an important user base through innovatory solutions customized to reach the growing demands of Pakistan’s mobility industry.

On the occasion of partnership, Zeeshan Baig CEO and Country General Manager of Careem Pakistan describes that Captains are at a significant part of what we perform and we are always considering for ways to rationalize and boost their lives. Cooperation with Total PARCO Pakistan limited will clearly good our Captains and mitigate their monetary cost permitting them to give special standard.

Talking about this event, Mehmet Celepoglu CEO of Total PARCO Pakistan Limited speaks that Capability and highlighting our diverse user base by continuing their requirement top-of-mind capable the company to make seamless customer experience and remain alongside of exchange direction that would increase user loyalty. By partnering with eminent cooperation like Careem. Total PARCO Pakistan Limited furthers its aspiration to manage the energy that targets to persistently make value product and service providing to help our users.

This collaboration has greatly placed Total PARCO Pakistan Limited to need new opportunities in the automobile industry. The management teams of both companies anticipate to successful corporations and will manage other direction of common interest.

About Total PARCO Pakistan

Total PARCO Pakistan Ltd is a collective journey between Total Marketing Services and PAK ARAB REFINERY Limited. TOTAL PARCO is one of the biggest international oil marketing organization in Pakistan with the second greatest network of more than eight hundred deal channels across the country. With a broad-ranging offer, ranging from high standard items such as fuels, lubricants etc. and services. TOTAL PARCO is at the system of both Retail and B2B users in Pakistan. Total PARCO Pakistan Limited is enacted to talent growth, standard, creditability and operational safety for its workers, entrepreneur and business players.

About Careem

Careem is the everyday Super Application for the bigger Gulf countries. Careem gives a host of daily services that people want to go around, order products and carry money in one merged smartphone application. Careem’s task is to rationalize and develop the lives of people and make an awesome company that motivates them. Initiated in July 2012, Kareem works in over a hundred cities across thirteen countries and has developed more than two million revenue-producing opportunities in the region. Careem enhanced a wholly-owned subordinate of Uber Technologies include in January 2020.




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