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Pakistan’s First Space Scientist at Cambridge University – Meet Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad

Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad

Dr. Yarjan Abdul Samad has formed Pakistan proud to have enhanced the first space scientist at the world’s best and the Britain’s ruling university of Cambridge.

Dr. Yarjan performs at the Cambridge Graphene Center and Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge. His department associates research assignment in link with the gadgets utilized in the interval satellites. The University is working in participation with the European Space Agency and other study institutions.

Dr. Yarjan informed Geo News, we prepare gadgets that are utilized in the space at the department. He belongs to a global village, Buleda, situated off Turbat, Baluchistan. I am the first Pakistani to perform as a space scientist at Cambridge University, I am happy that as a Baloch and a Pakistani.

He revealed that we are using efforts to perform out the gadget that works without any energy and electricity. These gadgets will give assisting to the spacecraft while in space.

The young scientist operated his scientific test many times at zero gravity in space for the last three years.

The young Pakistani scientist stated that he was keening to distribute his technology and evaluations with the Pakistani Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission.

Dr. Yarjan informed that he was also preparing to educate the Pakistani space scientists. We establish flights involving the parabolic ones or sounding rockets, for our research. We can recreate them in Pakistan too, he said. The space scientist told the technology may be initiated in Pakistan as well.

I am managed to struggle very hard like soldiers, he replied to question regarding the problems and restrictions he meets during his space travels. Our task is like that of soldiers, he told. There is no space for any panic when you are determined to your job.

Space technology is moving to establish progress by leaps and bounds in the days to come to assists different objectives as well as developing the environments, he imagines. 


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