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Another Wave Rouse from Samsung: Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with 128GB Storage

If you are still in queue to spend your money on Samsung’s latest flagship, then just take a stop here as see what’s’ new company has launched. Just now Samsung has launched its Winter Edition of Galaxy Note 5, readily available in Korea and very soon will rotate all over the world.

The only difference in latest version is it has additional internal memory of 128GB. There is assumption if Samsung launches Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition worldwide then you have to keep balance of $845 (Approximately Rs.80,000) to get it in your pocket.

Latest Galaxy Note 5 Available in Two Colors

South Korean Samsung lovers can buy the winter edition from today via Major carriers SK telecom and KT. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is available in both gold platinum and silver titanium, so hurry up buy it now as the price will increase as the time move on.

New Galaxy Note 5 will not come with external microSD card but its 128GB memory is enough. This version is for those Galaxy lovers who can’t stick with 32 and 64GB version of Galaxy Note 5, so get the advantage now.


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