StartupsRevolt Taking Admissions for the First Ever Batch of Startups

Revolt Taking Admissions for the First Ever Batch of Startups

Peshawar 2.0 started to take applications for the first batch incubation and acceleration programme. In the province a programme named Revolt which is the first non University programme.

Revolt, programme is short-term programme of 3-months to train, support and promote students, scientists, innovators, designers and engineers from each level to convert their ideas to real-life businesses. Focused partners or people who are connecting universities and the local market and industries as well, to make a route of channel for the creative and innovation potential of youth especially students who are in the region towards economic development.

Dr Faisal Khan, the Lead Partner at Revolt, said:

Revolt is the only real startup factory in the KP region. We are sector agnostic and welcome ideas from any sector provided it has the potential, and ideally solves any of the local problems we face. After almost 3 years of spade work, we now begin to seed the City with great startups one batch at a time.

Salman Ahmad, who is also a partner at Revolt shared his words like:

What sets us apart from any other incubation programme in the country is that its run by full time partners. You live, work and play right next to them and the other teams in a shared office space.

Bilal Ahmad, Education Lead at Peshawar 2.0 and a partner at Revolt given input as:

It’s a programme run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Its going to be hands-on and hands-dirty for all. Basecamp, which is a staple location for the techie and creative folks, is now become a strategic partner with Revolt.

Muhammad Uzair, Co-founder Basecamp Peshawar glad to say this:

We provide the most creative, vibrant and conducive physical environment to all basecampers that will now include incubatees at Revolt.


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