YouTube Takes Signals Account to the Next Level

In an effort to increase interaction between creators and users, YouTube will add unique account indicators for channels, similar to those on social media platforms.

You might know it better as the “@” symbol that appears before your username. When this feature is launched (Opens in a new tab)You will be able to mention other content creators or users to ‘increase [a video’s] vision and [help it reach] New audiences. YouTube has done something similar to what it used to be. Creators can Shout out to other channels in video titles and descriptions (Opens in a new tab) Or getting people to mention other users in live chat, but that’s far from it.

On the other hand, handles will be used in more sites like YouTube Short, channel pages, video descriptions, comments, and even in the channel URL. As for custom URLs, it looks like Google is probably getting rid of them in favor of handles. a YouTube help page (Opens in a new tab) It reveals that channels can no longer set up or change custom URLs, but will still be supported when the new feature launches.

Launching in waves

The handles will be rolled out in stages, according to YouTube. For the remainder of October, creators will be notified (either via email or YouTube Studio) when they can create their handles so they can claim them before anyone else. Channels with a custom URL will be automatically transferred to the new system. This unique URL will be the handle going forward.

according to Various help page on YouTube (Opens in a new tab)Which channels are chosen first “depends on a number of factors” such as presence on the platform, number of subscribers, and how active the channel is. The larger channels are supposed to be the first. There are also hopes that the knobs feature will reduce channel impersonators. YouTube wants to make sure that you, as a viewer, interact with the right creator.

Channels will have until November 14 to choose their unique handles, after which YouTube will create one for you, but it’s not fixed. At any time, you can head to Dealing with the page (Opens in a new tab) and change it.

tik tok contest

Looking at this feature, we can’t help but feel that this is another attempt to compete with TikTok. The platform has its own version of handles, so it makes sense that YouTube will eventually copy it.

In addition, YouTube shorts have been a huge success. Says Alphabet CEO Sunder Pichat The new video format gets more than 1 billion views per day. As a result, YouTube has been consistently supporting short films, New features added almost every month And allow users to monetize their content.

Compared to Meta Instagram Reels, shorts can be said to be the real competitor to TikTok. It will be interesting to see how YouTube continues to build and how Meta responds. Imposing pulleys on people has backfired, so a different approach might be best.

Speaking of Meta, the company recently held Connect 2022 where it finally revealed Project Cambria, now renamed as MetaQuest Pro Earphone. Make sure you check out TechRadar coverage of the event.

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