Xiaomi Mi 11: A game changer for food lovers

Xiaomi Mi 11: A game changer for food lovers

Patterns of ingredients

If you are also a food lover like me then it will be very easy for you to look at the ingredients of the food just by getting it from hand to mouth.

A few days ago I got to know that food is much more beautiful than what we think of. Let me clear that I am here discussing the patterns of ingredients.

xiaomi mi11

Xiaomi Mi 11

From the past week, I started using Xiaomi Mi 11 and it helped me discover food more beautifully.

As for other devices, you need to zoom in on the subject, but in the case of this mobile phone, it has a special feature of the macro. This helps to take close pictures without blocking the whole view.

The beautiful thing about this mobile is that it makes photography easier. As there are not photographic scenes hut still I go out to take pictures.

Macro feature

Discovering the macro feature, I usually found taking pictures of my food in my kitchen. This is because as I am a food lover and I love to discover the beautiful patterns drawn inside a baked cake or a pizza.

Minor Details

After taking these pictures, I saw things that I had not seen with my eyes. I can now see the smallest droplet of moisture with the help of my mobile. I can see the tiny cuts in the vegetable in a different manner with the help of Xiaomi Mi. 11.

Food’s Different Angles

After having this with me, I started looking at food after a very time. Just like if a potato is fully pealed or the pepper is fried properly, no. I mean appreciating the food again.

The closer look of peeled orange gives me a look of a solitaire board. Oats look like rock faces from a close view. All this was discovered to me after I started using Xiaomi Mi. 11.

Natural fractals

Natural fractals are all the time-interested things, and while I cannot quite say those perfect mathematical designs were imitations in my larder, it was still charming to see all the drawings and kinds of stuff existing when you look at food up close.

Macro revelation

Since my full-scale disclosure, I have ended up shooting pretty much all that I eat, and as a rule, it produces great outcomes. Lentils look flawless into the close, and I some way or another even figured out how to make tofu look engaging, however, that last outcome is more proof than the remainder of this article that I have been going somewhat large scale distraught.

I am anticipating my country’s lockdown finishing, so I can take pictures of things that aren’t going to go all over, yet up to that point, I’m getting a charge out of this freshly discovered profound respect of the magnificence of food.

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