WBM (World Business Management) Offer 100% Money Back guarantee on it’s all international brands

World Business Management
WBM International 100 percent Money back guarantee

Bringing recent advancements in the world when ideas, innovation, and technology join together. WBM Group of Companies is one of the leading manufacturing and retail businesses. Globally, the brand covers a huge footprint with its range of products. A global leader that believes in sustainable business. With the long-term strategies for sustainable growth and quality-guaranteed products. Here comes, WBM – World Business Management – an international corporation.  It has established well in the production, distribution, and sales of products. WBM Corporation marks its name in the Pakistan Super League 7. WBM Corporation was set up by a family enterprise in 1995. Headquartered in Flemington, New Jersey, the brand works on innovation for robust business.

WBM International 100 percent Money back guarantee
WBM International 100 percent Money back guarantee

WBM Group’s journey started with Himalayan Pink Salt mined from the Himalayan Ranges. WBM starts from the mining, production, export, selling, and distribution of Pink Salt. In no time, this enterprise was one of the largest exporters and producers of Himalayan Pink Salt. The brand completely established itself from the salt business under one roof. The corporation includes a wide range of certified brands and quality products. The enterprise dedicates to Diversification and Innovation through the product range. For the last 25 years, the enterprise delivers efficient, innovative, and cost-effective products. WBM Group covers the major segments of everyday life. These include Grocery & Staples, Health & Beauty, Personal Care, Household Products, and Smart Home Electronics. WBM Group fulfills all the consumer needs under one roof.

The company works on two major principles,



Himalayan Chef Online grocery shopping in Pakistan


WBM Group of Companies aims to provide quality products with a money-back guarantee. With its distribution channels and innovative technology, the brand satisfies the end-consumers. This responsible company provides the opportunity for growth and provides appropriate profitability. The biggest ambition is to create a ‘WIN-WIN’ situation among the Individuals, Economy, Society, and the Environment.

WBM Group became one of the cross-industry and cross-sectional investment enterprises. The brand covers the production areas, scientific research, investment, and sales. WBM Enterprise has a global footprint with manufacturing units in 5 continents and 100+ countries. WBM Group has 13+ manufacturing units in different regions of the world. With a wide sales network, WBM also maintain a pollution-free living environment. The corporation commits to delivering Quality with Passion with a team of dedicated creative team.

“We aim to deliver the best quality products to the end-consumers. We work on two principles, ‘Quality is Our Passion’ and a ‘100% Money-Back Guarantee’. WBM deliver quality products from the planet and beyond the planet”, says CEO WBM Group.

Still, there is so much to do. The enterprise is the global leader with several brands under one roof. The brands include WBM Smart, WBM Care, Natural Solution, W Home, Himalayan Glow, W Shoe Care, W World, and Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping in Pakistan. This brand fulfills the consumer needs that improve the quality of living in the world.

WBM Group has 100+ brands globally. The largest home electronics brand globally is WBM Smart. Brings a Complete Smart Home Solution for you. The main focus is on Research & Development, providing new and innovative products to the consumers. This complete smart solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. As the world enters into the era of Artificial Intelligence, novelty arises. Working well both on the automation and installation of smart home devices. With high-grade security systems, the brand works through blockchain programming. WBM Smart has marked its name for the award-winning designs at the CES. The brand stands out well like Apple and Microsoft. The ‘Space-Saving Design’ at CES, 2019 was announced for “WBM Smart Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector.”  The ‘Time-Saving Design’ was announced for “WBM Smart Percussion Massage Gun” at CES, 2020.


WBM Smart Home automation and connected home

Himalayan Glow is the “Leading brand in the Lighting Industry” globally. The brand deals with selenite lamps, salt lamps, salt light bulbs, holiday lights, table lamps, strip lights, and moonlights. This innovative and trendy range comes from the Himalayan range. Carved with the hand that gives a unique and natural salt crystal look. Another brand, Natural Solution carved with Himalayan Pink Salt and Natural ingredients. With the unique formula, these natural products are effective for hair and skin. Natural ingredients make you feel fresh and detoxify the skin. WBM Care has a range of plant-based ingredients, rich in vitamins and amino acids. This product range covers women’s care, baby care, men’s care, and personal care products. WBM Home honors you with quality products for household use. The household products are manufactured through eco-friendly materials. Northlands is the world’s largest miniature wonderland in the USA. A 16-acre world-class attraction that includes 2000 pipe organ theatre, and doll museum. Also, Northlands has more than 1 mile+ art exhibition for the public.

“We have nothing to do, but a world to gain”, he further says.

When you search for quality products, Retail Solution solves the 3 biggest problems. One of the largest distribution channels of WBM Group of Companies. All the goodness of ‘Farm and Factory Direct’ under one roof in bulk to the end-consumers. The digital global distributor delivers quality services, savings, and value to the end consumers. Globally, an outstanding distributor that serves thousands of retailers in different regions.

“We do not work the same way the world does. We break the legacy of low-quality-grade products. Globally, we emerge well in the market through innovative products”, he further elaborates.

Himalayan Chef is a food brand that focuses on ‘100% Naturally Pure’. Himalayan Pink Salt holds the position as ‘No.1 Selling Brand in the World’ and ‘No.1 Tasting Salt in the World’. All the food items are pure, enriched with nutritional value, and original flavors. WBM Corporation works with the major retailers of the world. The retailers include Amazon, Tesco, Aldi, Schwarz, Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger, Target, Whole Foods, Safeway, Wildberries, Costco, Home Goods, Wayfair, Carrefour, Metro, and so on. They sell quality products through the top retailers of the world.

WBM Enterprise focuses on the quality of the products. This corporation also commits to the protection of the environment. They have a prime goal to reduce the environmental impact. So, WBM Foundation keeps the environment clean for healthy living. They focus on reusable and recyclable ‘Zip-Lock Craft Bags’ and ‘Biodegradable Packaging’. The foundation ensures to conserve the natural resources and has planted 10 million+ trees. WBM Group of Companies commits to the sustainability of the environment for the future. All the products are ISO: 14001-2004 and 9001 certified. WBM Enterprise has 100+ international certifications. A few ones include Natural, Cruelty-free, Gluten-free, Kosher-certified, Vegan, Non-GMO, RoHS, USDA Organic, PSA, BRC, MSDS, PSQCA, EPA, CTPAT, FDA, UL, ES, TDAP, HACCP, and so on. WBM Corporation Enterprise stands out the best in all.

“We strive to protect the natural resources for future generations. We aim for an innovative and sustainable future”, says the Executive Manager at WBM Foundation.

WBM Group plays the role to shape business ideas into innovative solutions. WBM Ideas surpass industrial prototype, and manufacturing. They provide services at every step for the future generation. Currently, the WBM group is working on various projects. WBM Logistics, WBM Mining Industries, and WBM Universities are a few ones to name. Together, WBM has the unique capability to provide leadership products in the market. With the intended aim to emerge well in the future with a creative mindset.

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