Walmart Still Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay – Here’s Why

Customers have long asked Walmart to implement Apple Pay at checkout, but the retailer hasn’t held back, instead relying on its own way of paying customers with their phones.

Numerous complaints via Twitter We apologize for the lack of integration, showing how much customers want the service. according to Popularity of Apple PayIt’s no surprise that people demand her jobs at the world’s largest retailer, which has nearly 5,000 branches in the United States alone.

Now, instead of relying on Apple Pay, the retailer has developed its own digital Pay the phone bill A system known as Walmart Pay, integrated with the Walmart app.

Walmart Pay App

Unlike Apple Pay and a number of other mobile payment methods, it does not use Near Field Communication (NFC)the protocol that allows nearby devices to connect and transfer data wirelessly instantly, and instead asks users to scan a QR code upon checkout.

A Walmart spokesperson argued that this was a convenient method of payment, adding that Walmart has implemented other systems such as Scan & Go, available to Sam’s Club and Walmart Plus members, allowing them to “totally bypass checkout”.

Interestingly, however, Canadian branches of Walmart have been equipped with Apple Pay since 2020.

Some speculated There may be ulterior motives behind the hyperstore’s ownership method, such as increasing the number of Walmart users and keeping track of their customers’ purchases.

Although Apple Pay is available in More than 90% of stores (Opens in a new tab) In the US, Walmart isn’t the only major player that has refused to accept it: Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Kroger lack Apple Pay integration, too.

Across Mac rumors (Opens in a new tab)

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