TechnologyUSAID Hands Over Portable X-ray and Artificial Intelligence to National Tuberculosis Program

USAID Hands Over Portable X-ray and Artificial Intelligence to National Tuberculosis Program

Tashkent, October 20 2022 – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) donated two of the latest portable Delft Light X-ray machines to the Ministry of Health of the Tashkent Region Health Department at a ceremony held during the International Congress on Tuberculosis Control in Tashkent. today. X-ray machines will enable tuberculosis screening services to reach communities living in remote areas and improve health for the most vulnerable citizens of Uzbekistan.

“Combating tuberculosis is a global priority and the United States is proud to support the Ministry of Health’s commitment to ending tuberculosis in Uzbekistan by 2030,” said Chargé d’Affairs Paul Politis. “USAID leads the US Government’s efforts to control tuberculosis around the world and is a long-time partner in the National Tuberculosis Control Program in Uzbekistan.”

Uzbekistan’s National Tuberculosis Strategy 2021-2026 aims to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis by 50 percent and the number of deaths by 75 percent by 2025. Portable X-ray systems will screen and diagnose people with tuberculosis and can also detect other diseases, including some cancers. . The machines can be powered by either batteries or solar energy and can diagnose tuberculosis in minutes. Each machine can be accommodated in a backpack, is equipped with artificial intelligence software, and is capable of taking 200 photos per day.

X-ray machines will be tested in the Tashkent region. In addition to donations, USAID facilitates training for radiologists to ensure optimal implementation. Additional devices will be purchased by the Global Launch Fund to provide all regions of Uzbekistan with this innovative solution for screening individuals in hard-to-reach areas.

The International Conference on Tuberculosis, supported by USAID, is dedicated to celebrating the centenary of tuberculosis services in Uzbekistan and the 90th anniversary of the Scientific Center for Pulmonology and Pulmonology. The conference aims to highlight the features of the National Tuberculosis Control Program in Uzbekistan, including its history and achievements.

USAID supports the National Tuberculosis Control Program to develop innovative and cost-effective approaches to control MDR-TB by scaling up evidence-based tuberculosis interventions. These interventions include shorter modified treatment regimens, new drugs and more efficient diagnostic techniques for tuberculosis testing. Previously, USAID supported the improvement of tuberculosis diagnosis by equipping laboratories with GenXpert machines, which greatly improved tuberculosis diagnosis and reduced the time to diagnose drug-resistant tuberculosis.



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