TechnologyThe Prime Early Access Sale is better than we expected - but...

The Prime Early Access Sale is better than we expected – but still shop with caution

Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale has arrived, but it’s not what we expected — not at all. Certainly, at first glance, it’s not unlike any of the mega retailer’s major sales events, offering a range of savings on a range of different products across a range of categories. But (and trust us, we were surprised by this one too) it’s a lot better than we could have imagined.

as with Today’s Peak True, this new Amazon sale is a two-day global shopping event that offers discounts to Prime members. But while the summer event has plenty of good deals, they’re hidden among the endless lists of 5% off headphones with no name. And don’t get me started on Black Friday, there are simply so many deals you can spend all week scrolling through and never make it to the end.


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