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The Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti GPU may be incoming, but forget about the RTX Titan

It is claimed that Nvidia will not be making an RTX Titan model for its high-end Lovelace graphics card, but Previously Rumored GPU.

This originated from Kopite7kimi, a regular hardware leaker on Twitter, who told us in a very short tweet that Titan is no longer planned by Nvidia (as we’ve seen before). Video Cards). That is, if it is – of course, we must consider this possibility, and indeed these new guesses, with an appropriate dose of spice.

However, what this does not mean is that we will not see a more advanced GPU than RTX 4090 In the future, AD102 is built around a fully unrestricted chip.

The theory is that it won’t arrive in a new RTX Titan form, but it could be the RTX 4090 Ti. “4090 Ti still possible in the future,” Kopite7kimi explains in another tweet.

Analysis: a more modest strategy for AD102

We’ll go further and say that the RTX 4090 Ti is likely to be in the future. In fact, we’d be surprised if Nvidia eventually didn’t push something more powerful than the RTX 4090, given that it uses the cut-down AD102 chip — and certainly plenty of wiggle room left for some reason.

Basically, there’s more room here to go for a more powerful main graphics card, so there seems a strong possibility that it’s an option that Nvidia will play with. Team Green’s problem is likely to be the need to push the power requirements higher than the already powerful 450W TGP in the RTX 4090.

In fact, we previously heard in Grapevine that a fully-equipped AD102 card can reach the level Ridiculously sounding 800W or more recently 600 watts (that’s the average power consumption of the base specs, with third-party cards overclocked likely to grab more than that during periods of use).

In short, PSU requirements can be very attractive, but then again, the RTX 4090 Ti – or the seemingly never-to-be-purchased RTX Titan – are graphics cards that won’t be bought outside of a niche group of power users and PC enthusiasts (or affordable hardcore gamers) . Who will undoubtedly have well-equipped rigs to handle any PSU or related thermal demands (and energy bills, for that matter).

The RTX 4090 Ti will likely be a relatively modest upscale, keeping the same specs as the RTX 4090, offering an increased CUDA Core count, tuning the clocks a bit (and boosting that power usage as noted, with 600W sounding much more like a Ti-format than Titan) .

Naturally, it will boost prices significantly as well, and we probably won’t see it for some time. Sure, if Kopite7kimi is correct, Nvidia is clearly not talking about GPU So far, it’s only a file Possibility. But it makes sense, and on the other hand, the rumor mill also believes that Nvidia has put aside the AD102 chipset chosen for the Ti version in the future; If true, this is definitely a strong indication that a supercharged flagship is coming.


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