The Nvidia RTX 4070 could be a powerful GPU — but it might not be for some time

NVIDIA RTX 4070 It’s in the pipeline – we know that, of course – but it may not be around for a good while yet, and there are doubts about how powerful the graphics card will be too. It could be a beast of a mid-range GPU, mind (more on that later).

This is the latest from Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID) hardware leak on YouTube, which the latest video (Opens in a new tab) It discusses a whole host of aspects related to the RTX 4070. Keep the salt pan handy as always with a Grapevine GPU.

One of the main points made here is not to expect this graphics card any time soon. MLID believes that the likely timeframe for launch is the end of the first quarter, ie March, so it will be five months away.

The theory is that Nvidia still has plenty of current-generation RTX 3000 stock to change, so to ensure Ampere GPUs sell through it, Team Green allegedly will throttle the amount of RTX 4090 and 4080 boards that hit shelves this year ahead (and we’re entering 2023). ).

A source told MLID that this issue should be resolved by the end of the first quarter, and then that is the likely launch date for the RTX 4070, which will only appear when Ampere’s stock is sufficiently cleared. Alarmingly, the end of Q1 is the best-case scenario the rumorers believe, so we could see a longer wait for this (relatively) at a reasonable price. Lovelace GPU.

The slight caveat here is that a “paper launch” could come a little earlier – perhaps even towards the end of 2022 – but that could just be a revelation and maybe some lower initial stock. So, we’ll be in that familiar situation where the GPU launches, sells out right away – no doubt speculators are involved – and it’s still a game waiting for a true-volume product release.

Another key tip from this latest video is that the RTX 4070 still looks pretty high on specs. What obviously won’t happen is what some have suggested elsewhere: that Nvidia might simply take the RTX 4080 12GB and push that into the 4070.

Mainly because the business hasn’t really started making 12GB RTX 4080 cards, or not much has been done anyway, before being canceled. Remember, this was an add-on partner product only – which means that Nvidia wasn’t making its own Founders Edition. And it’s all partly because Nvidia scrapped this card – while it was relatively easy to do, after the GPU backlash it was seen as a RTX 4070 disguised as a lower-level RTX 4080 from order to put the highest price on it.

Because of this perception, that’s exactly why Nvidia can’t simply churn out an RTX 4070 with the same specs as the 4080 12GB – because it would be very clear that this was actually a 4070 in the first place, shred Many (including us) my formerly.

The upshot is that the 4070’s specification would definitely need to be different from the “non-absolute” 4080, even if it were to use the same chip (AD104).

(Image credit: Future)

Specifications are important

Now, as to what exactly those specs might be, MLID believes Nvidia doesn’t define itself yet, and will depend on how powerful the RDNA 3 graphics cards are (the latest rumor is RX 7000 GPUs Could Be More Powerful Than Many Thinkby the way).

MLID also assumes that we can see a weak sauce of the RTX 4070, which will be a 10GB model with a shortened amount of CUDA cores (not the full 7,680, but maybe 7,168, since that’s the base number thrown in the past for 4,070 on the vine ). This would be the path Nvidia might want to take if RDNA 3 doesn’t look too hot – either from a performance point of view, or moreover, because of the price/performance ratio or the overall value proposition – and in fact if sales of Ampere go faster and better than expected.

Another path that MLID expects is for Nvidia to make an RTX 4070 which is a 12GB card and roughly the same as the canceled 4080 card, but reduce the CUDA cores a bit (maybe only to 7424 for example). This would allow Team Green to argue that this isn’t just 4,080 12 GB relocated, and carries that perception through, even though we all know what really happened behind the scenes, let’s face it. This would be the way then AMD RDNA 3 It comes out reasonably strong at launch, in theory, and Nvidia feels the need to be more competitive.

Another option that MLID mentions is whether RDNA 3 exceeds expectations for performance and value (according to this latest rumor). In this case, Nvidia might want the RTX 4070 Ti which actually beats the 4080 12GB (perhaps with faster VRAM, he suggests).

The leaker says this is the least likely possibility, and in fact, we can’t see that happening. (“Okay, this is an RTX 4070 variant which is actually faster than the lower tier model 4080 we revealed – and then it was abandoned not too long ago” – that doesn’t really make sense. Although you could say that Nvidia didn’t make sense with some moves In the past, too; but that’s another story).

Analysis: Patience is a virtue

What do we do with all that? Well, the general gist is that Nvidia is still making a big decision about the placement of the RTX 4070, and may not make their decision until after pushing RDNA 3 GPUs out. So this necessity delays the RTX 4070, which still needs to make way for RTX 3000 models to sell through, and so we shouldn’t expect the 4070 for quite some time.

In short, as much as we can Want RTX 4070 (and already 4060) To get out soon, in theory, we have a long wait – perhaps until March 2023, or even later. The wait can be made even more painful because based on some MLID images it also delivers the RTX 4070 – alleged images, add extra salt here, naturally – it seems to have a big fan and smooth airflow, with rumors in testing, the graphics card remains pretty good .

We could totally look at the GPU, then, if Nvidia decides to take the more powerful RTX 4070 route as discussed above — a good, relatively high-performance graphics card, which gamers will fend for a bit, of course. Except we’ll have to be patient for the GPU to show up, maybe in fact maybe very patient…

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