Telenor Internet Easyload gives Separate Internet Balance

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Internet Easyload, a new service being offered by Telenor is one where the users will have balance just for internet. It is almost the same as the usual easyload but just that the balance will go to your internet only and cannot be used for calls, SMS or other services.

Recharging your balance using Internet Easyload will be stored separate from the normal balance. This can only be used for internet usage. If recharging more than once using Internet Easyload, all of them will be cumulated and the validity extended according to the top-up amounts as in the regular Easyload.

When users use internet the amount is deducted from this separate Internet Easyload balance unless it runs out or expires its validity. It can be used for 2G or 3G and charged at Rs. 1 per MB. This Internet Easyload balance cannot be transferred to the normal balance and cannot also be used for subscriptions to other internet packages. The charges are always at the default rates and the balance can only be consumed by using the internet.

If the internet balanced is consumed then the amount will be deducted at the usual rated from the normal balance. If there is a subscription to an internet package then the package data is used and then the internet balance when the package data is completed.

This service is available at any Easyload retailer for Telenor and Djuice users. No subscription is needed for getting the new internet balance and the service can be used immediately. The Internet Easyload amounts available (with hours balance and validity) are given below:


One Internet Rupee will get you one MB. So if you have 50 Internet Rupees (worth Rs. 25 of load) then you can use 50 MBs of internet till the balance is expired.

How to Check Remaining Internet Balance:

  • String to check internet balance is *200#

Terms and Conditions:

  • Internet Balance charged at Rs. 1 per 1 MB for both, 2G and 3G data.
  • Dial *200# for internet balance enquiry and *444# for normal balance enquiry.
  • Loan Amount will not be cut through internet easy load. Customer will have to do a normal recharge to pay the pending loan amount.
  • Internet packages can only be bought with their main balance but not the internet balance.
  • Upon recharging more than once, amount will be added to the previous internet balance (If any) and the validity updated.
  • Reversal of internet easy load is not possible, hence check for the correct phone number the retailer enters.
  • Customers doing internet easyload get a recharge notification confirming the internet balance.
  • Internet Balance can only be recharged through internet easy load.
  • Internet balance is not available after the validity period.
  • Internet balance is not available for use when the main balance has expired.
  • Internet Easyload is not mutually exclusive to any other offer.
  • Main balance and Internet balance will have validities of their own.
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