Watch Black Friday Deals 2022: Great Deals Live Now

Watch Black Friday deals have kicked off with Black Friday finally arriving, giving us some excellent discounts to choose from. And of course, more deals are on our way over the weekend and through the rest of November.

Black Friday 2022 officially starts on November 25th, and plenty of retailers have dropped some of the hottest sales around the celebration. These deals remain guaranteed through the end of the month until prices rise again in December.

This is supported by a hadith Report from Adobe that examined holiday shopping price changes in 2021 and found that prices fell sharply at the beginning of November, stayed low throughout the month, and then rose again during December.

We’ll continue to update this page with new deals regularly, to ensure you’re getting the best deals as we go through Black Friday and into the end of November. Scroll down for our top selling picks, and below, find our best buying advice for anyone looking to buy a new monitor on Black Friday.

Should you wait for a Black Friday screensaver deal?

Black Friday is approaching, and the important question to ask is: Should you wait until the day you buy the monitor? The answer is a bit more complicated since monitoring prices drop significantly during the month of November.

If you can wait, waiting until Black Friday would be a great way to take advantage of a great deal that is sure to save you a lot of money. You’ll also likely find that you can get more powerful monitors with better specs than those for sale on the market right now, which is helpful because better specs mean a product that lasts longer.

However, computers, especially now in this work-from-home economy, are so vital to many households that some people can’t wait long for a monitor. If that’s the case, then definitely invest in one now, as there are plenty of great deals out there even if they don’t match the Black Friday price drops.

Buying tip: Three of the best monitors to watch out for

When will the best Black Friday watch deals start in 2022?

It’s Black Friday on November 25th this year, and as per tradition, we’re expecting to see some stellar sales before then. Traditionally, the best discounts were on the same day, and while this is still generally true, recent years have seen an increase in retailers releasing Black Friday prices earlier, for example at the start of Thanksgiving week if not earlier. .Even before that week, there are plenty of sales in the month leading up to the special day, some as early as October. Based on last year’s deals, some of them could be either the same as, or even equal to, the deals on and around Black Friday. This is a pattern that should repeat itself this year.In 2021, many retailers like Dell, Amazon, and Best Buy launched early Black Friday watch deals at the beginning of November, which have already repeated themselves so far in November 2022. So definitely make sure to keep an eye out for them.

Adobe chart showing PC prices falling nearly 15% in November 2021

PC prices begin to fall in October, with the lowest prices coming in the entire month of November, according to Adobe. (Image credit: Adobe)

Where will the best Black Friday watch deals be?

A screen showing an image of a city

(Image credit: Future/BenQ)

What specifications should I look for when buying a monitor on Black Friday?

One of the most important things to be aware of while looking for monitor sales on Black Friday is that retailers are trying to get rid of old stock. This means that you may come across what appears to be a great deal, only to find out later that the screen is several years old with outdated specs. Of course, that doesn’t make them useless, since most screens are still perfectly usable.

Keep in mind that screens at a minimum have to be 1080p which is the minimum HD resolution, preferably 4K if you can stomach it but 1080p is still perfectly fine. From there, your needs will differ based on the type of work you need for your monitor.

For example, if you are doing professional work such as photography or video editing, you will need a monitor with color gaps that allow for adequate color correction. No less than 98% DCI-P3 color gamut support, as this ensures that any other monitor displaying that professional material will see photos and video in the right colors across the board. Brightness is also an important factor for image color quality and accuracy as well, with a higher number being better. 200 nits and above is a great starting point.

Meanwhile, for gaming monitors, the two most important factors other than resolution are refresh rate and response time. For the former, the higher the number the better because it represents the number of times per second the image is refreshed on the screen. Refresh rates of 144Hz and above are particularly good.

The latter needs the lowest number possible, because it represents the amount of time it takes to go from one color to the next, with lower numbers meaning a sharper, clearer picture. The 1ms response time is particularly great for gaming and is what you want to strive for.

What about Black Friday gaming monitor deals?

If you’re buying a professional monitor, support for the 98% DCI-P3 color gamut with a range of color spaces such as Adobe RGB, sRGB, and Rec.709 is vital to ensuring the highest and most accurate color and image quality. For a gaming monitor, having a high refresh rate and low latency is important for a smooth and responsive gaming session.

If you are looking for monitors at cheaper prices, know that some manufacturers may cut corners with some other specs in order to bring that price down. For example, one of the cheap monitors on sale last year has lower audio quality to balance other high specs like 4k resolution.

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