What are the big plans of Samsung With AR and VR Glasses?

A little before, an announcement comes from the table of Apple that they are going to work on two devices focused on AR and VR that are quite similar to the much-hyped Magical Leap One. This announcement is showing that Apple is now getting competition from Samsung as well; following the latest leak.

One of the well-known leaker: WalkingCat on Twitter has shared some video clips that reveal that the conceptual vision for the augmented reality glass of Samsung, apparently. If we talk into detail, then that video revealed that a Korean company is working for the creation of Glasses Lite that are used to eyewear for all every person user.

Apparently, they are allowing the users for watching movies and video chat. Besides, get work done without having the desire of any big conventional display. While interacting with the Virtual screen they are also going to add a tint in the Sunglasses’ glass for protecting the eyes of the user.

In the next video, the title is “Next Wearable Computing” envisions that shoes that how can the Samsung AR glasses help through the working. With the help of an AR office, the things would have done for the users and they will be able to have holographic calls, during the presentation of the participants in that room. Furthermore, the users will be allowed to explore the digital space with the help of AR simulations as if they were there.

Presently, this whole idea is looking like just a concept and there is no clear idea that is any possibility for achieving such success. If we compare the Glasses Lite with the coming Wearable Computing concept, then the glasses lite are more realistic. However, it is still represented whether Samsung would like to work on it rather than actually working on the prototype showcase of its capability.


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