Find Lowest Prices of Mobile Phones from Online Stores

Pakistan’s eCommerce market is growing at a fast pace. We hear about a new online store or service opening up every other week now, and such is the case this week too, as a new eCommerce-related service has recently launched by the name of PriceOye.

PriceOye is solving a regular problem faced by all online shoppers. All of the big online stores sell pretty much the same set of products, but they price them quite differently. By visiting PriceOye, you don’t need to visit them all to find the best price.


PriceOye is a “price comparison” service for mobile phones. Think of it like WhatMobile, but with much, much more accurate, updated prices from real online stores.


They are currently comparing prices of several hundred mobile phones from the largest online stores. You will be able to compare phones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft, Sony and even QMobile and Haier on stores like HomeShopping, Yayvo, Bytes, Symbios, iShopping, ShopHive and more.


Here’s how a product page looks like:



The mobile phone’s name, important features, and the lowest price is listed at the very top. You view the full list of prices by scrolling just a bit. Unlike most shopping websites, you can change color and storage size and see the updated price on a single page, so that’s really convenient. If you’re interested in reading the detailed specifications, you can do that do from the specifications tab.


According to the PriceOye launch blogpost, the comparison shopping service is currently in public beta. This suggests the service will have some bugs; we did not come across any serious bugs while checking out the site.


We really like PriceOye. It is the only website you need to check before purchasing a mobile phone online, and you are guaranteed to find the lowest prices. I was shocked to find the price differences for the recently released BlackBerry Priv, for example. HomeShopping sells it for Rs. 74,990 while MyShop Online has listed it for Rs. 81,500! That’s almost Rs. 7,000!


The team behind PriceOye says that the current website is just “5%” of their vision. They will be adding more product categories, and working on other features that should make it an indispensible tool for online shopping.


We’ll be following them closely, and keep you updated!

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