Establishment of Pakistan Digital City in Haripur

ISLAMABAD – Under the Special Investment Facilitation Board, a new agreement worth Rs 8 billion was signed to establish Pakistan Digital City in Haripur.

The agreement was signed between the Special Technology Zones Authority and the Information Technology Board of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The digital city will be the first tax-free zone in the country and all companies operating in it will be exempt from taxes for the next ten years. About four thousand IT startups can be set up in the city which is spread over 11 acres and will be fully operational by 2026.

The project will not only increase IT exports to more than $50 million, but will also provide job opportunities for IT graduates.

Thanks to the efforts of the Private Investment Facilitation Board, 30 percent of the work on the digital city has already been completed.

Earlier, Rs 1,642 million was invested in the city under Nespak and National Logistics Cell.

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