Pakistan’s historic lunar mission to be launched on Friday

Pakistan’s historic lunar mission, iCube-Q, is set to be launched into space on Friday, May 3, aboard China’s Chang’e 6 spacecraft. This mission marks a significant milestone for Pakistan’s space program, as it will be the country’s first satellite to orbit the Moon.

The iCube-Q satellite was developed by the Institute of Space Technology (IST) in collaboration with China’s Shanghai University and Pakistan’s national space agency SUPARCO. It carries two optical cameras designed to capture images of the lunar surface.

پاکستان کا تاریخی لونر مشن جمعے کو خلاء میں لانچ کیا جائے گا - Pakistan’s historic lunar mission

The Chang’e 6 mission, which will carry the iCube-Q satellite, is the sixth in China’s series of lunar exploration missions. The launch is scheduled to take place at 12:50 PM PST from Hainan, China.

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The launch of iCube-Q represents a major step forward for Pakistan’s space capabilities and is expected to pave the way for future lunar exploration missions. The mission will also contribute to our understanding of the Moon and its potential resources

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