Due to Fire Hazard, All Kia Sportage SUVs Revoked in Pakistan

Videos of automobiles inundated in flames have gone viral on social media a few times and there have been a few experiences of automobiles getting fire in Pakistan. Apparently, though, only certain automobiles are included in these incidents, two of which are the Hyundai Tucson and the Kia Sportage.

Kia Lucky Motors has also controlled to recognize the issue and has provided a revoke for the Sportage SUVs from all over Pakistan after Hyundai Nishat.

Kia has formally demanded its users to get their cars to the nearest company-promoted dealerships to be examined. However needed, the dealerships will change the damaged HECU fuse kits that are power fire dangers. Both the evaluation and the part replacement will be settled free of cost.

The information underlined that the offer is only present for “eligible users”, which may describe the removal of the users who had formulated engine or electrical part adaptations. Further details from the company are present through the contact information given.

Hyundai Nishat had revoked the Tucson SUV nearly a month ago mostly to fix the issue with the ABS module that could have been making the fires. It had also provided to build upgrades such as an ECU one, a safety kit insertion and a reformed AVN software.

Remember that the Tucson and the Sportage are basically the same automobiles under the skin. Therefore, Hyundai Nishat was the first firm to revoke its automobile, people began doubting Kia for not performing the same for their SUV about a month ago. Kia has ultimately entered to the assist of its users and much to the aid of the owners of the Sportage.

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