Everything you should know About Yayvo Black Friday Sales & Discounts 2016

Black Friday is the day to rejoice – now you can buy without any worries. It is one of those special days when you can buy whatever you wish or desire. This Black Friday, you can get all that you need from cosmetics to perfumes, wallets to accessories and so much more. Discounts on this Black Friday are going to be massive, like always. You can get items on sale and discounted rates in huge 80% off the shelf price.

What Yayvo.com is bringing for you this year is nothing less than last year. In fact, it is going to get larger than life. But the question is when exactly are we going to celebrate it? Is it going to be held every month? What and how can you avail the discounts? These questions are asked almost by everyone. At least by those who are getting familiarized of Black Friday for the first time!!

It doesn’t happen every month. Instead, happens to take place once in a year. You can avail discounts by going to the Yayvo.com and selecting your favorite items. You can also add them to cart and use Jazz Cash mobile, voucher or debit/credit card as a payment method and get them delivered at blazing speed. Follow and register on Yayvo.com and don’t miss this amazing chance of getting up to 80% discount on all the branded items.

Last but not the least, Black Friday brings mega deals and highlights trending items. We at Yayvo.com bring an incredible range of spectacular items and products that are used daily. Last question which may arise in your mind could be: what is the real purpose of Black Friday? Well, it brings people closer to the notion of buying best items related to technology and gadgets at exciting prices. Now enough questions; time to plan and prepare for Black Friday event that will be November 2016.

Mobilink to Launch At Least Four 3G Phones Under Rs. 8,000

Mobilink is good to go to launch its own particular phones in Pakistan with ultra-low costs and high value range specs, we have gotten notification from individuals who know about the development.

While we don’t have an affirmation, it is normal that phones will be launched with-in next couple of days.

Billed as Jazz X — as indicated by some of the official tweets — these low-end yet well assembled Android phones will be valued under Rs. 8,000.

With this launch of Mobilink Phones, we might likewise see the re-conception of Jazz brand that we told you about couple of days ago.

While we don’t have complete points of interest on the specs for the phones in this way, we can affirm that there is no less than one cell phone with 1GB of RAM and 8GB ROM. It will run on Android 4.4 with 1.2GHz dual core processor. It will have 2,000mAh battery to deal with broad utilization.

There is additionally going to be a 3G empowered featured phone in the package too and we accept that it will be valued around Rs. 3,000.

Mobilink is prone to offer alluring 3G packages— ideally for free — with these phones, and that will be the primary selling pitch for these low-end mobiles. You can expect more details on Mobilink X phones with-in couple of days.

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