J-31 stealth fighter aircraft to become part of the Pakistan Air Force soon

Earlier this month, Pakistan revealed plans to purchase the Shenyang FC-31/J-31 fighter. PAF Commander Zaheer Sidhu revealed at a ceremony that the procurement of the Shenyang FC-31/J-31 fighter is underway and preparations are already underway.

“The foundation has already been laid for the acquisition of the J-31 stealth fighter jet, which will become part of the Pakistan Air Force fleet in the near future,” the PAF chief revealed.

However, Sidhu did not share details about the number of aircraft that Pakistan will buy and the timeline for their delivery.

Shenyang is actively developing the FC-31/J-31, likely designated as the J-35, primarily for deployment on future Chinese aircraft carriers such as CNS Shandong. However, plans for the ground version remain unclear.

It is worth noting that in 2010, AVIC conducted tests with the J-31, and even presented it at the flying display at the 2014 China Airshow in Zhuhai.

The People’s Liberation Army Air Force has prioritized the Chengdu J-20, which is now in service and being gradually deployed. Despite this, the close military ties between China and Pakistan are evident, especially through the joint Chengdu-Pakistan JF-17 aviation complex project.

Pakistan is in the unique position of being the only country other than China to operate the J-10. Specifically, the J-10C is actively deployed in the 15th Squadron of the Pakistan Air Force.

According to recent media reports, Pakistan plans to acquire up to 25 J-10C aircraft.

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