Smartphone for everyone: Here’s how to apply for mobile phones on easy installments

Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Technology is set to launch the ‘Smartphone for All’ project that will enable people suffering from inflation to get smartphones via… Easy installments.

The Smartphone for All project remains in the spotlight as the government has taken action on responsible financial behavior, ensuring the continued expansion of the availability of mobile phones for people, who have to pay a large sum to obtain smartphones.

According to details shared by the IT Minister, telecom companies in the country can offer mobile phones to citizens through leasing schemes, thus expanding the benefits of mobile broadband.

Smartphone for everyone

With the upcoming launch of smartphone installment plans, all people in Pakistan will have it smart phones This step aims to boost the economy and ensure the use of e-commerce.

Please follow MOITT platform for more updates and apply online.

Pakistan remains the seventh largest mobile phone market in the world, with 190 million mobile phones in use.

How to apply for the Smartphone for All program

With the launch of a pioneering scheme, the GSMA Smartphones for All scheme will enable the common man to get smartphones worth between Rs 10,000 and Rs 100,000 on easy instalments. The repayment period will be from 3-12 months.

Citizens with valid ID cards will be able to get their hands on smartphones under the scheme. Students, professionals and low-income individuals will be able to get mobile phones under the plan.

According to the proposed plan, Pakistanis will be able to get smartphones in interest-free installments by paying a down payment of at least 20 percent.

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