iPhone 12 PTA Tax, January 2024 Customs Duty Update

iPhone 12 PTA tax in Pakistan: Apple iPhones remain the best smartphones available in the market, with premium devices competing with high-end Android phones, they seem to be a mile ahead, but the devices are expensive, especially in countries like Pakistan.

iOS outperforms everyone Android devices With its sturdy design. The iPhone 12, a three-year-old device, can still perform as well as new Android devices. Among his strong squad iPhone 12 He still enjoyed the same amount of fame despite the arrival of his successors.

The company has a large share of the mobile phone sales market in Pakistan, although the country’s mobile phone market is dominated by cheap Android.

Apple also launched iPhone 15 This year, its older devices like the iPhone 12 and its Pro models still dominate the market.

People have to pay huge amounts for iPhones as the authorities have imposed huge taxes. Amid the massive price increase, the demand for iPhone continues to surge and prices are sky-high, and even the older generation models including the iPhone 12 and its Pro version are now becoming expensive.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max PTA tax in Pakistan

Models Passport tax
iPhone 12 Pro Max Rs 134,800
iPhone 12 mini Rs 101,500
iPhone 12 Pro Rs 129800
iPhone 12 Rs 113,600

iPhone 12 PTA tax with CNIC

Apple device model Tax on CNIC
iPhone 12 Pro Max Rs 160,900
iPhone 12 mini Rs 124,300
iPhone 12 Pro Rs 155,400
iPhone 12 Rs 137,600



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