Global Entrepreneurship Summit: White House Invites Jehan Ara the Asian Pakistani tech entrepreneur

The leading Pakistani tech entrepreneur, Jehan Ara is invited by White House to speak at Stanford University for the next Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 (GES), updated on her latest social media post.

Jehan Ara pates Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@sha), was founded in 1992 to give boost to software industry of Pakistan.

Ara will perform in panel discussion, invited on behalf of President Obama “‘investing in South Asia: What’s next for Entrepreneurship in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh’.

Jehan Ara heads P@SHA and its tech incubator ‘The Nest I/O’, that gives potential entrepreneurs with infrastructure, space, knowledge and facilities as well as space ACCESS to a network of mentors and potential investors.

She is supporting some major topics that include data protection, privacy and Cyber Crime. She is also part of an organization proposed on research backed advocacy named as Bolo Bhi.

Besides this all she is giving her services on an enterprise known as the ‘Women’s VIRTUAL NETWORK’ that will associate educated women with potential employers, peers remotely and mentors as well. However involving more women into the economic fold and managing a communal that will support professionals’ network for professional women.

About GES 2016

According to the website it purposes to present stimulating investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world boosting new opportunities for partnership, collaboration and investment, associate American investors with solid counterparts to present long term relationship and highlight entrepreneurship as means to meet international challenges.

The summit will come up with wide range of panels, mentoring, pitch competitions, ignite talks and networking sessions proposed to provide participants golden opportunities to get expertise and relationships that will support their ventures to grow.

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