Canada interested in assisting Pakistan IT sector

Looking at the decrease in terror incidents in the country, Canada is looking at an interest in the upcoming Pakistan’s IT, power and energy sectors to improve commercial relations.

“Canada is keen to assist Pakistan in the business community. We encourage Canadian technology and service firms to invest in IT and telecoms, power and the agriculture sectors which would benefit Pakistan’s economy,” said Canada’s High Commissioner in Islamabad Heather Cruden.

Speaking at a reception at the Canadian Embassy while reproaching the terrorist attack at Bacha Khan University, which claimed 22 lives, she said that Canada and Pakistan were looking to remove the threat of terrorism which is claiming many innocents all over the globe.

She also mentioned to various areas where there is potential for the two sides to strengthen the bilateral ties and also encouraged the Canadian firms to invest in Pakistan’s IT, power and energy sectors for the combined benefit.

She said that the in the bilateral trade, more than 65% of Canada’s exports of pulses and other agricultural products were made to Pakistan and in 2014, Pakistan was Canada’s largest market for canola, accounting to 47% of Canadian exports to Pakistan.

The Canadian representative hopes for the improvement of trade in agricultural goods to continue. Canada is assisting in Pakistan’s attempt to empower women economically and supports organizations like CARE, KASHF Foundation and International Labour Organization for the training of above 172000 to be women entrepreneurs in the main areas of financial literacy business skills.

As part of Canada’s $250 million commitment to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, it is providing $20m to UNICEF’s Polio Plus initiative in Pakistan.

Canada is also assisting Election Commission of Pakistan. It had helped the International Foundation for Electoral Systems to train over 243,000 staff of which 25 per were women for 2013 elections held in Pakistan.

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