Record growth of 22.67% in IT exports in December

Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology Dr. Umar Saif says that thanks to government policies, there has been a record 22.67% increase in Pakistan’s IT exports in December, after 13% in November, IT exports in December increased by 22.67% to USD 303 million .

According to the announcement issued by the Ministry of Information Technology, in his statement, Federal Minister for Information Technology Dr. Umar Saif said that the facility of keeping 50 percent of dollars, digital payment system, facilities for freelancers are the main factors.

He said that he is grateful to the Prime Minister and the Special Investment Facilitation Council for the facilities for the IT industry, the aim of our policies is to promote the IT and telecom sector and stabilize the country’s economy.

Dr. Umar Saif said that the target of 10 billion dollars will also be met, the reforms have paved the way for the development of the IT industry for the incoming government.

On the other hand, Chairman Pasha Zohaib Khan has congratulated the Minister of IT, SIFC and IT industry for the increase in IT exports.

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