Muhammad Adil leader in product design from Pakistan crafting innovation through design and technology

Muhammad Adil, a Pakistani software graduate now based in Dubai, has established himself as a visionary leader in product design, profoundly influencing the logistics and private aviation industries. His strategic mindset and extensive expertise have enabled him to master the intricacies of AI technology and deep tech, fundamentally transforming how these industries operate.

Reimagining Movement at AHOY

Adil joined AHOY in 2019 as the fourth member of a dedicated team and immediately made an impact with his problem-solving approach. He became the creative force behind Comet, an award-winning logistics platform designed to streamline and optimize movement management. By addressing key pain points with innovative ideation and solution-building, Adil helped AHOY tackle real-world problems, securing $20 million in funding through its exceptional value proposition.

His strategic vision and leadership significantly enhanced AHOY’s offerings, earning him company stocks and cementing his role as an integral part of the team.

Leading the Private Aviation Transformation at JETCLASS

Now at JETCLASS, a subsidiary of the Falkenherz Group, Adil is challenging norms in private aviation by combining product design with advanced machine learning and AI. He is developing fully automated, end-to-end platforms that streamline private jet travel logistics.

His efforts go beyond automation—they aim to democratize private jet travel, dispelling the notion that it’s reserved for the elite. In his words, “What a company thinks the user needs and what the user actually needs are mostly two different things.” With this ethos, Adil ensures that technological advancements are meaningful and centered on user requirements.

Empowering other through Mentorship and Community Building

In addition to his business achievements, Adil firmly believes in the value of mentorship and giving back. Since 2020, he has mentored tens of individuals, helping them build rewarding careers. His selfless approach reflects his values of inclusivity and empowerment, offering guidance free of charge. He actively participates in educational and networking events, where he inspires emerging designers to think collaboratively, innovatively, and empathetically.

Adil’s mentorship extends beyond individual sessions; he regularly leads workshops and webinars, focusing on the importance of user-centered design in technology. His engaging teaching style and deep industry knowledge enable him to effectively communicate complex concepts to a wide audience, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


A Leader Fostering Industry-Wide Change

Muhammad Adil’s influence is not confined to his immediate professional circle. He is an avid speaker at international tech and design conferences, where he discusses the transformative power of integrating AI and deep tech in traditional sectors like logistics and aviation. His talks emphasize the critical role of design thinking in solving complex challenges and driving technological adoption.

Moreover, Adil contributes to industry white papers and thought leadership articles, advocating for smart technology solutions that cater to real user needs. His insights have been instrumental in shaping policies and practices that prioritize user experience and operational efficiency.

Through these platforms, Adil not only shares his vision but also actively contributes to the broader dialogue on how technology can be harnessed to make services more accessible and user-friendly. His efforts ensure that the benefits of technological advancements are widely understood and embraced, paving the way for more innovative and inclusive industry practices.

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