Dawlance hosted 2021 dealers convention at DPL2 Factory

Dawlance hosted the 2021 Dealers convention at DPL2 Factory here on Thursday, hosted by famous anchor person Mr. Shafaat. The event focused on communicating with the dealers as to how year 2021 has been a successful one. The event also acknowledged the role played by the dealers in making this year a success for Dawlance.

The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Umar Ahsan Khan, addressed the participants in which he highlighted the company’s vision for the upcoming year. He talked about the strategies that would benefit dealers and help them achieve higher targets.

“It has been a while since we hosted our valued business partners in such a grand fashion. In the last two years, Covid-19 pandemic has created challenges for the business. Market closures, changing purchase patterns, drastic shifts in global economies and supply chain pressures all affected businesses globally, including Dawlance. However, we worked with immense agility and determination to avoid putting pressure on our partners and stood by all of you to ensure business continuity and profitability,” said Khan in his address.

The dealers were given a tour of the newly established Air Conditioners and washing machine line. The new AC line is capable of manufacturing the units locally. A separate showcase was designed to exhibit the range of products that Dawlance offers.

CEO Dawlance also highlighted the agenda of the company about the sustainability goals and how Dawlance aligns its operations with them.

“Arcelik global is aggressively working towards the betterment of the environment by setting science-based targets to reduce carbon emission and eventually the world temperature to 1.5 degrees by 2030. We, at Dawlance, are also a part of this initiative and adopting processes and making our products more and more environmentally sustainable as our future businesses and existence depend on it,” explained Mr Khan.

Dawlance aims to benefit the consumers via its products in 2022. This includes the New AC localisation project that will be the hallmark of its product excellence and cater to a broad demand from the market.

Mr Naeem Abbas Rufi ended the event with an entertaining concert, appreciated by all the participants.

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