Pakistan will utilize latest technology to generate artificial rains from cloud seeding

The Pakistan government is now in mood to work on cloud seeding technology to generate artificial rainfall in Sindh areas for those people who are suffering from severe heatwave. All the required arrangements for this projected has been done but waiting for the final approval of stakeholders involved in the project.

The discussion meeting was attended by representatives of Civil aviation, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, maritime agency, meteorological department, business community and Karachi commissioner.

The basic idea of cloud seeding tech is that they are planning to generate rain by firing a rocket pushed by sugar at the clouds. A large number of countries is already using the same technology and has devoted special research teams to this area. The process is expensive and might bring unforeseen result in the environment.

If the government move with this project then technology will meet 60 to 65 mm of rain from clouds which are about 2,500 to 3,000 feet above the ground whereas Sindh gets only 176 mm of rain in the whole year.

Director General Ports and Shipping, Abdul Malik Ghauri, said the project if approved, can not be kicked off before July 1st due to some technical reasons. Furthermore, Pakistan Aviation will assist in bringing shape to the idea.

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