TechnologySTC implements Ericsson AI-based cognitive software solutions to improve customer experience

STC implements Ericsson AI-based cognitive software solutions to improve customer experience

STC, a digital enabler in the region, has implemented one of the most significant deployments of Ericsson’s AI-based cognitive software solutions to improve customer experience and network performance.

Cognitive software leverages automation, big data scalability, speed, accuracy, and consistency to improve network optimization. It proactively analyzes 4G and 5G Radio Access Network (RAN).


The AI-based cognitive software solution also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions from operational activities, for example, through the use of virtual drive testing and automated remote spectrum analysis. In addition, stc Group has deployed the root cause analysis capabilities of 5G AI technology to enable subscribers to have a better 5G experience.

This future-proof deployment enables stc to leverage the Ericsson Performance Optimizers portfolio to analyze and recommend surgical improvement. Ericsson Performance Optimizers use dual digital technology and advanced AI technologies such as deep reinforcement learning and expert recommendation systems to proactively make mobile network optimization recommendations and resolve specific network performance issues, enabling a superior experience for subscribers, while reducing operating costs.

Mohammed Al Badrani, Vice President of Operations at stc
stc Group is committed to providing customers with seamless experiences and networked performance. stc has adopted the latest technologies from Ericsson to ensure proactive support and enhance customer experiences, even during times of increased network traffic.

Håkan Cervell, Vice President and Head of Customer Unit stc, Saudi Arabia and Egypt at Ericsson MEA
Cognitive technologies blend big data with unique network expertise to deliver unprecedented speed, scale, and accuracy in emerging intent-based network operations. stc Group’s continued confidence in our technology enables us to provide the best and latest solutions, which complement stc Group’s dedication to establishing a seamless and enhanced network.



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