SEON launches free fraud prevention tools

SEON launches free fraud prevention tools

Hungary-based online fraud prevention platform SEON Announced Forever Free version of online fraud prevention software.

The Forever Free version of the software will support up to 2,000 API calls each month at a rate of two queries per second. Furthermore, users will also be able to access email support from SEON customer service agents.

Prior to this development, SEON was offering companies a free 14-day trial of their fraud prevention software. With the new system, once the user’s trial period is over, they will be automatically converted to the free SEON Forever plan. Companies with larger transaction volumes have the option to upgrade to SEON’s Pro plan, which provides more API calls and responses to about 10 queries per second.

SEON officials, citing, revealed their plans to tackle fraud head-on while increasing the number of companies they serve. The same officials highlighted how the company prevented fraud using real-time social signals, phone, email, and IP lookup details complemented by device intelligence and machine learning.

Further promotions and partnerships for SEON products in 2022

In May 2022, SEONN announced New CatBoost machine learning update in the black box has improved the anti-fraud solution for businesses. The new system is integrated into the company’s anti-fraud solution and allows businesses to enhance efficiency and accuracy for customers combating different types of online fraud. SEON clients can benefit from the speed of Blackbox’s machine learning, along with the transparency of whitebox’s machine learning points and rules.

In June 2022, SEON has partnered with Provenira provider of AI-powered risk decision-making software, in order to help organizations build new fraud prevention solutions.

The SEON system can generate the digital footprint of an individual based on an email address, phone number, IP address or real-time location. This GDPR-compliant approach to analyzing a user’s digital fingerprint helps businesses accept more transactions while stopping fraudulent transactions.

in the same month, Join SEON with Lucinity developer of AI-powered AML software to include real-time fraud prevention capabilities in the anti-money laundering compliance program. Lucinity’s AML solution uses AI to support human insights, thus delivering improved efficiency and productivity for compliance risk professionals. At the same time, Lucinity can integrate SEON’s fraud prevention solution, providing its clients with comprehensive compliance risk services from transaction monitoring to real-time fraud detection.

For more information about SEON, please check out Detailed profile In the company’s dedicated and industry-specific database.


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