Press ReleaseSECP Warns Public Against Trust Investment Bank Limited (TIBL)

SECP Warns Public Against Trust Investment Bank Limited (TIBL)

Please be informed that the SECP has cancelled the license of Trust Investment Bank Limited (TIBL) effective from November 1, 2018 due to its continuous violations of the NBFC Regulatory Framework. The Commission has also filed winding up petition in the Honorable Lahore High Court in January 2019.

Pursuant to cancellation of license and filing of winding up petition, TIBL is not authorized to undertake any form of licensed business as a Non-Banking Finance Company under NBFC Regulatory Framework. All persons concerned and public at large are hereby warned to be cautious and not to engage in any business relationship with TIBL as an NBFC.

Moreover, if anyone acting directly or on behalf of TIBL solicits for provision of any NBFC business activity; it is advised that the matter should be immediately brought into the Commission’s notice.


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