PTCL to Boost Evo and Nitro Limits to Upto 300GB With Improved Prices

PTCL has declared a latest plan for packages for Nitro, Evo and Charji services with improved prices and additional download limit.

The greatly rotating news is that despite a significant rise in taxation, prices have reduced and the bandwidth limits have been raised.

It would not be wrong to say that new packages were something compulsory and visible to be move from PTCL that is emphasized by the revolving market. The developing market share of 3G and 4G subscribers indicates that PTCL was confronting major level competition than before. Higher monthly download limits for 3G and 4G Dongles were also adding more to PTCL’s sufferings.

There was a period when PTCL had monopoly and EVO’s were the second option for connectivity on the go. Now a large number of telcos have prelude their own 3G and 4G powered devices at supportive prices for the very same use cases.

Most significantly the move follows the allotment of more spectrum to PTCL. This has permitted them to make their packages more inspiring by enhancing the bandwidth limitations across the board that also indicates that one can expect than before experience on the EVO and Nitro devices. However these trendy packages have not been updated on PTCL website till now the latest prices and bandwidth limits are in effect quickly.

If you are in mood to update your recent package all you need to do just call the PTCL helpline and inquire to do so. They are valid for all current and new users.

Please note:

  • New EVO and Nitro packages are available for both new and existing subscribers
  • New EVO and Nitro packages are in effect from today
  • Prices mentioned above are including taxes (Both GST and WHT)
  • Existing users can call helpline to convert their packages; one time package conversion fee may apply!
  • We are hearing that these plans are valid till Dec 31st, 2015 only, however, we couldn’t get this confirmed.

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