PTA Conducts Countrywide Mobile Quality of Service Standard Test

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has managed a countrywide mobile Quality of Service standard test from February 2021 to March 2021 in multiple cities, towns, and roads all over Pakistan to evaluate the quality and p of Pakistan’s mobile networks in line with the modern Network Performance Score technique.

A total of ten cities, four towns and eighteen motorways/highways/roads were reviewed and around twenty-six hundred voice calls and twenty-six thousand data tests were conducted while testing the networks with gadgets operating in 4G mode. The Quality of Service test secured an area containing cities, towns, and roads of almost three thousand five hundred and seventy Kilometer.

Network Performance Score is a matched and corresponding scoring methodology. It capable of telecom regulators to match and evaluates the standard of all mobile networks established on international quality Key Performance Indicators. Utilizing this systematic mobile network standard methodology, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has obtained treasures insights into the production of each mobile network operator.

By making this survey public, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is encouraging rivalry among the operators to grow their prevailing infrastructure with a final goal to enhance the overall nationwide mobile network quality. Bringing Pakistan’s LTE networks at par with the globally approved standards will set the base for a future roll-out of 5G technology on a sound grading.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority also manages country-wide mobile Quality of Service polls regularly to evaluate the network performance of all Cellular Mobile Operators to the permitted Key Performance Indicators for Voice, Data and SMS Services.

The results are eventually issued on the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority website for an understanding of the subscribers besides using the same with the relevant operator(s) for needed actions to developed services wherever needed.

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