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Payoneer Responds Untaxed Foreign Income to FBR Report

Payoneer payment platform has appeared a report in handle to tax proceeding launched by the Federal Board of Revenue against the company. Billions of rupees transactions have been appeared through Payoneer to the citizens of Pakistan by the Federal Board of Revenue Report. Furthermore, that was not mentioned and also payments of taxes not taken. Although Payoneer does not have any physical existence in Pakistan. Federal Board of Revenue launched strict action founded on the vital economic existence of Payoneer Company. One of the most important things is that its resources located from outside of Pakistan.


Furthermore, it discloses the territorial jurisdiction of Pakistan laws or Rules. Under the Income Tax Ordinance, 2oo1 and Federal Excise Act, 2005, Tax proceedings have also been launched against Payoneer.


Moreover, the narrative of Payoneer Company is:

Payoneer has been helping service exporters and freelancers of Pakistan for more than ten years. Payoneer administrative claims that in statement Payoneer has made people empowering self-employed professionals to become successful Exporters and entrepreneurs. We are much admired to offer thousands of exporters and freelancers in Pakistan. Payoneer enables them to receive amounts from their International clients. Payoneer has been providing these services to Pakistani freelancers as well as service exporters. Payoneer helps guarantee that hard-earned foreign currency is gained in Pakistan by unparalleled levels of service, formal bank channels, security and at low cost and compliance.

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