TV Ad QMobile rose from an Indian company on your smartphone Z7, the company has started to give some serious trouble.

Was originally developed for the Indian market which television viewers per QMobile TVC ,, Pakistan, far beyond the accepted norms of the country in which almost all Pakistani TV channels, was released.
The language used in the TVC Geo Pakistan Pakistan is not suitable for most viewers complained that reacted to the announcement by. They, along with other members of their family TVC QMobile is difficult to see.

As the complainant expressed his annoyance:

Unexpected ad, just bulls ** t a n over.Kindly repeating the same thing that has been eliminated, especially in prime time, with our family values ​​and the values ​​of Islam and against Pakistan.Whenever.

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Shahana Naik

The author Shahana Naik


  1. So pakistan should also file complaint against oxford dictionary for inserting the word sexy in their dictionary.
    mean come on. What is wrong in it ? We are so narrow minded that a
    normal word used to describe emotions is hurting our emotions.

    1. Dear nazia, not sure if you are aware of the narrow or bright minded because people like you can wasily strip anywhere saying we are bright minded. Shame on you as well as the society that you want to promote.

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