Amazon choose Pakistan to the Approval Selling Countries List

Pakistan has been added in the e-commerce giant’s sellers list of Amazon, adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce, Investment and Textile Abdul Razzaq Dawood announced on the Twitter account.

Abdul Razzaq also forward a message from Eric Broussard who is a Vice President of Amazon International Seller Services, he said Eric said that we are interested to work with the entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

Furthermore, he said that today, we are quite happy stating that the entrepreneurs of our country has become eligible to sell products on Amazon. The dynamic business of Pakistan is quite worthy and we also eager to work them. Even including medium and small sized sellers and we will assist them to connect with the whole world.

Previously, it is stated to the Prime Minister Imran Khan from the adviser that regarding commerce Amazon’s listing was quite vital milestone of the e-commerce policy of the government, and has become possible with the help of several people over all the world.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Si Global, Noman Ahmed said that there are probably twelve million items services and categories throughout the world on Amazon. There are about 45% shares of the Amazon in the US e commerce market and that can explored into the open competitive environment.

As Ahmed stated that is quite massive incentive amount for the manufacturers of Pakistan. Digital media marketer, Nouman Younas, also said that this update news is not just a good element for the business community. Although the freelancers are quite delighted as well.

After that Muhammad Adeel, who is E-commerce and Digital Media Manager said that the entrepreneur and small business owner will gain great benefit after this arrival of Amazon in Pakistan, because the business with invest could run without external aid. However, the small business take quite long time for that to achieve such profit and stable position like big business industries are doing. It will also produce job opportunities in our country and that will prove a welcome development. Lastly, he said that the E-commerce field will boom as well.

Next, Ahmed said that if we talk about the increasing the net revenue of Amazon global probably 45 billion dollars yearly. There is no doubt that Pakistan will get the exponential growth economically as Amazon is a corporate giant and has added Pakistan into the seller list.

The growth size of e-commerce market of Pakistan has increased this year over 35% in its 1st quarter this fiscal year to 96 billion rupees as compared the previous year which was 71 billion rupees in the whole period of time. Therefore, Pakistan is becoming a hub regarding the growth of e-commerce sector.

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