Nvidia’s new AI tool for Chrome will make YouTube videos stand out

Nvidia has finally revealed the official launch date for its RTX Video Super Resolution feature, which was first announced during CES 2023. The tool, which upscales videos to 4K resolution using artificial intelligence, is set for a February 2023 release window for both Chrome and Chrome. Edge. browsers.

RTX Video Super Resolution, as shown computer games, will allow “with resolutions beyond 1080p. It will upscale video at native resolution anywhere between 360p and 1440p, and it will run with frame rates up to 144Hz.” This feature requires either an RTX 3000-series or 4000-series GPU to be running. You can see how well it works in the video from Nvidia below.

Could this be the future of video upscaling?

While 4K video upscaling isn’t new to television, it is a new technology for browsers and video streaming. The fact that AI is actually doing the optimization is impressive and potentially divisive.

Although this AI technology shows us really amazing results as we can see from the demonstration video, AI in general has become a hot issue due to the perceived misuse and copyright infringement issues that have resulted from its use in the arts.

Still, it would be great to see the progression and improvement of the RTX Video Super Resolution feature, as well as what kind of videos would work best with said tool. Hopefully this AI application will not face the same level of controversy in the meantime and we could see its use spread to other mediums.

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