New Google search tools can help you save money on Black Friday

Just in time for the holiday season, Google Search is getting three new shopping features to help you spot good deals online.

The upcoming tools are all about making life easier for online shoppers, especially during these economically tough times. google countries (Opens in a new tab) And it expects to see a 43 percent increase in American shoppers looking for discounts or special deals compared to last year. To facilitate this, a new ‘Special Offer’ tag will appear on product thumbnails on both mobile and desktop results for which a coupon is available. These tags are meant to make promotions more visible when browsing.

Selecting the item will give you a coupon code that you can enter at checkout. However, the coupon code won’t say how much money you’ll save. Google has stated that it has plans to add a new “coupon cut feature”, which is essentially the ability to copy and paste the code without having to type it in. “Special Show” tabs are set to roll out within the coming weeks, but no deadline has been set.

Price Analytics

Price stats from the Shopping tab are also set to make their way to the main search page, on both desktop and mobile. This means that you can check prices from multiple stores and see how the price of a product fluctuates. It will help you see when it was cheaper. This small and useful change means you won’t have to move back and forth between tabs. Everything is right in front of you. A new, mobile-exclusive side-by-side offer to compare deals will be launched by the end of November. Instead of grouping full-priced and on-sale items together in one month, Google will group the products into a “Deals” category for quick browsing.

All shopping features will be exclusive to US users “for now,” according to a company representative. So it is possible that other countries will see these features at a later time. The same goes for the side-by-side view, as it may see a desktop version in the future but not much is known beyond that.

During the Search On 2022 event in September, Google has unveiled a wave of features to make shopping more attractive (Opens in a new tab). Search results will show you complementing pieces and accessories that can be worn with a potential new jacket, for example. Helpful Buyer’s Guides have been added to more complex products such as mountain bikes. The guide will contain FAQ types to answer common questions, such as what kind of suspension or brakes you should get. Along with updating the search and Chrome’s Price Tracking Feature (Opens in a new tab)You may be able to find exactly what you are looking for at a good price.

If Google’s discount search tools aren’t enough, be sure to check out Black Friday deals for 2022. You can read our predictions for this year’s event, where we expect to see bigger discounts than in previous years and sales starting earlier.

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