Millions of IP cameras around the world are unprotected

Millions of IP cameras around the world are unprotected

More than 3.5 million active Chinese workers IP cameras Protected only by default seller The passwordor lack protection all together, which puts users at risk of intrusion, experts have warned..

New search from Internet news More than 458,000 devices protected only by default credentials were found to work in the US alone, along with nearly 250,000 devices in the UK, with countries like Mexico, China, Republic of Korea, India, Brazil and Russia also making the list.

At least 21,000 cameras worldwide lack any authentication whatsoever, raising questions about the forays of Totaland the impact that IP cameras are having on the global rise in Electronic Warfare.

Security camera passwords

All devices connected to the Internet are at risk of being accessed by unknown and possibly malicious third parties. In the case of security cameras, threat actors can access live feeds, record sensitive personal data, and use the camera as a vulnerable tool. End point On the web.

looking for Internet news Worried that all the camera brands I came across in my analysis had products in circulation that were allowed to work without changing the default password, or without one at all. These include Hikvision, HIPCam, Cisco, Toshiba, and Linksys.

However, not all news is bad. Most popular camera manufacturers’ latest products are programmed, either by model or firmware version, to force users to set a password, or build up randomly unique.

96.4% of cameras Internet news The ones examined belong to these brands, but it is worth noting that this does not mean that 96% of connected cameras benefit from increased protection.

Devices often age, are neglected by the manufacturer, and become ineligible for firmware updates, which can also push security patches. The vast majority of connected IP cameras will not be the latest models that enforce, or at least recommend, healthy password security practices.

Where we are now is definitely an improvement from the results Internet newsresearch on this same topic last year, which found that only 5.3% of cameras enforced a password set.

The world is being drawn toward cyberwarfare in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and China’s growing reputation as a supplier of surveillance, with ransomware And the DDoS Attacks have become especially common.

However, there are growing concerns surrounding how devices from popular IP camera brands, such as China’s Hikvision, can be used by state-sponsored threat actors.

Internet news It stated that, until at least December 2022, Hikvision advertised “algorithms for analyzing facial demographic features” as part of its products on the company’s website, but here’s what follows Investigation by guardian-Ads removed.

Some Western democracies have resisted the growing influence of foreign surveillance technology better than others in recent years.

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In July 2019, the then British Prime Minister Theresa May to retreat of its plan to allow China’s Huawei to help develop the country’s 5G infrastructure after US pressure. And in September 2020, guardian mentioned That Hikvision cameras, which are blacklisted in the US, have been installed in UK entertainment centers, and school toilets is alarming.

But things are moving in the right direction.

In November 2022, UK banned Chinese surveillance equipment from “sensitive” government sites, while the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved rules Prohibiting the import or sale of “communications equipment deemed to pose an unacceptable threat to national security” in the country.

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